Stratton Strawless churchyard


Amended May 2014

The photographs at Stratton Strawless church supplied by Julia Hennessy
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Norfolk parishes surveyed for this site
Persons indexed PARISH Area of Norfolk Year of survey
  V Large    
2,400 Swaffham church and churchyard SW 2007
1,697 Downham Market including two cemeteries SW 2003
1,197 Hilgay SW 2002
1,018 Burnham Market NW 2012
945 Denver SW 2003
846 Fincham SW 2004
796 Garboldisham SW 2009
793 Hevingham NE 2009
765 Burnham Overy NW 2011
707 Sculthorpe (excluding inside church) NW 2012/3
694 Welney SW 2009
637 Sporle SW 2008
636 Marsham NE 2010
620 Hockham SW 2005
583 Northwold SW 2003
575 Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen NW 2002
575 Stanta army training area disused churches: Tottington, West Tofts, Stanford and Langford SW 2008
558 Stiffkey NW 2013
547 Shouldham SW 2004
516 East Raynham CN 2011
514 West Dereham SW 2006
466 Hedenham SE 2009
455 Wiggenhall St German NW 2003
448 Besthorpe SW 2009
438 Topcroft SE 2009
432 Field Dalling NW 2013
410 Burnham Thorpe NW 2012
405 Shropham SW 2005
400 Mundford SW 2008
391 West Walton cemetery NW 2002
383 The Barshams NW 2012
362 Tottenhill SW 2004
332 Heydon NE 2010
314 Burnham Norton NW 2011
311 Stow Bedon SW 2006
296 Wretton SW 2006
290 Stratton Strawless NE 2008
285 Runcton Holme SW 2004
278 BloNorton SW 2009
276 Crimplesham SW 2004
275 Bridgham SW 2008
274 Walsoken NW 2002
272 Little Massingham NW 2011
258 Ten Mile Bank (chapel of ease to Hilgay) SW 2002
257 Thursford NW 2012
255 Nordelph (redundant) graveyard only SW 2008
248 North Pickenham SW 2005
247 Quidenham SW 2009
225 Stradsett SW 2004
223 Wereham SW 2004
222 Beechamwell SW 2005
221 Barton Bendish St Andrew SW 2004
207 Larling SW 2006
205 Shouldham Thorpe SW 2004
204 WilbySW 2008
202 AlbyNE 2011
199 South PickenhamSW 2005
198 Barton Bendish St Mary (redundant) SW 2004
188 Whittington SW 2008
181 Burnham Sutton NW 2012/3
177 Wormegay SW 2004
162 Belaugh NE 2010
157 Burgh next Aylsham NE 2011
154 Toftrees NW 2011
149 Calthorpe NE 2011
148 Houghton St Giles NW 2011
140 Ryston with Roxham SW 2004
137 Thwaite by Alby NE 2011
133 Helhoughton NW 2011
115 Tatterford NW 2012
110 Swaffham
Baptist burial ground
SW 2008
109 Fulmodeston new church NW 2012
93 Shingham (redundant) SW 2005
86 Tattersett NW 2013
80 Cranwich SW 2008
49 West Raynham (ruin) CN 2011
44 Roudham (ruin) SW 2008
28 Wiggenhall St Peter (ruin) NW 2003
19 Spooner Row (chapel of ease to Wymondham) SW 2009

The data collected on the surveys listed in column 1, for dates prior to 1930 can now be viewed by joining Norfolk Family History Society and accessing their NORS database. Consequently the detailed surveys have now been removed from this site.

Why do we want to record memorial inscriptions? It has been estimated from past experience that approximately one third of the inscriptions visible at any one time will not be readable in seventy years time. It follows that some will be only partially readable now which is why I have been collecting examples of texts and verses in the hope that this will be useful in suggesting likely missing words when they are encountered.

This site is made available as a resource for persons wanting to record memorial inscriptions anywhere in the English speaking world, and is a by-product of surveys conducted in Norfolk for NorfolkFHS . here you will find lists of verses and other texts which have been found on gravestones in Norfolk, England.
For records of individual inscriptions visitors should contact the churchwarden for the church in question or the relevant Family History Society, see contacts page.
To do this go to the Norwich Diocese website, use "find a church" then the link to people at that church for a list of contact details.

A list of the surveys completed with links to the surveys follows below. There is a locally prepared survey of Great Massingham at

For some limited information about Nonconformist and free churches and burial sites see the freechurches page.
if you need to know in which Hundred a particular parish was located use the Hundreds page.

Some guidance on the recording of inscriptions based on practical experience is shown at how to record

If you publish information found on this site, there is no need to seek permission, but please mention where you found it.

There are other Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions at family search:
Also: What happened on your Birthday? See Calendar of Norfolk events.

At various times in various places I have had reason to be grateful for the assistance of: Pauline Aisthorpe, Bette Brown, Mary Feakes, Rosie Gill, Mary Mitchell, Hugh Melinski, Pat Newby, Edmund Perry, Richard Smart.

It is difficult to maintain an accurate list of places still to be surveyed. Some of the ruins will have no inscriptions. A more up to date list for the whole County is at: under the library tab select Monumental inscriptions. Select the parish name from the drop down menu in the left hand search box and then click on the search box.